Friday, November 20, 2009

I can't sleep...

I'm numb... I've cried and cried. And there is nothing to be done for us. Unless anyone knows of someone giving away a huge amount of $$$$. I've all but lost my hope and faith. What is the point... I'm hurting. I can't stop the tears. I keep waiting for God, for a miracle. SOMETHING!!!!!!

I can not believe that is it God's will to take everything we have worked for away, all because Leonard Smith, Ginny Kurtz, Perry Thompson, and Double D homes were greedy. They have all been paid, and have taken and taken from us, lied to us, and ran (OK not Perry... he's the one taking the farm).

Was it a sin to want to be warm? Was it a sin to not want to live in a house where snakes hibernate in the attic and fall through the ceiling?? Was it a sin to trust people? The answer it seems is yes. How do you stop these tears?

I'm sorry to bear my heart, which I'm sure is a sin also... oh well I'm batting a thousand today it seems.


  1. I am so sorry Sara, you have been and will be in our prayers. I wish I knew that somebody who had the money you need. I wish I knew what you could do. This is so horrible.

  2. I'm so very sorry. I wish there was something we could do....

  3. I am also sorry. I will keep you in my prayers

  4. The only answer I have is "No!" None of your desires were sins, and telling us about it is no sin, either.

    Ah, Sara, my heart aches, and I'll continue to lift you all in prayer.

  5. This is hard to hear and think about. Have you asked all the questions, searched all your options? Is there a local church who could help? I have to apologize b/c I have not read all your blog to be up-to-date outside of November's posts. I'm hesitating but I'll go ahead and pray, here. Heavenly Father, I lift Sara and her family and her situation up to You. I ask for peace and healing, understanding and wisdom on their behalf. I pray for a miracle, Father. One only You can bring to pass. I pray for changes of hearts on the part of others involved, in the miracle that it takes to get things settled properly for Sara and her family. I pray for the heaviness in Sara's heart - that she will be able to look to You in faith and get through this time, knowing Your love and care. I thank You for having the opportunity to get to know Sara and about her family and farm. I ask that the best come out of this, for Your glory and not ours. I thank You for Your answers and cast my cares upon You, asking that Sara and her family be able to do the same and see what You have in store for them. In Jesus name I pray, may Your will be done. Amen.
    Hang on Sara. Love ya, Jenn

  6. I am praying with Jenn and the others, Sara! I can see that this is understandably very,very painful and hard for you--yet you came by my blog today, and in spite of your circumstances, said such nice things about my pup-Buck. I have also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your own "crew" in one of your older post.
    Please know I will continue to keep you and your farm in my prayers--God does care-but His ways are not our ways. Yet I know with all my heart,that He has a plan for you, just like He had for Joseph when his own brothers threw him into a pit then sold him into slavery. Joseph still had a hard road ahead of him--falsely accused and imprisoned for many years of his life, he could have given up many times--and we would not blame him. Yet he kept trusting in God. His words to his brothers when they were afraid of him after he had become a great ruler in Egypt,--"you meant it for evil against me--but God meant it for good. He was now second in command to the Pharaoh and was used by God to take care of his father and brothers during the great famine.(Genesis chapters 37-48) I have read this true story of Joseph many times--and God has used it to reinforce and remind me of His Sovereign care and purpose in times of sadness and trial. I pray that not only will He give you wisdom and help for your understandably difficult problem, but that He would strengthen you, so that you can trust the God of the universe with your life. It is the only truth in this world gone wrong.
    I only take the time to write this because
    I care--Blessings and love from the Cabin,
    Claudia O.

  7. Prayers from here for you and yours.