Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm not thankful as of yet...

Just kidding... but it is entirely to early for me to be having any thoughts that might make sense. I'm just not a morning person and for some reason I keep waking up at 5 AM new time. It wouldn't be so bad if it was old time, but this new time thing has got to stop, rest... I need rest!

Clouds... last night coming home with chicken, flour, apples, spices, freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter (and milk chocolate honey roasted peanut butter), fabric... :) I noticed "mares tails" in the sky. Sigh... a sure sign the weather is going to change with in 48 hours. So we MUST enjoy the weather while we can. Today's shot as it's going to be full of canning and soup making. So forth and so on. Of which I was thinking tonight... err this morning, do I have enough onions, celery, and carrots?

Last night I had to make a run into town for clean jars. After being gone all day no one much felt like washing dirty (and I do mean DIRTY) jars. Our IBA route guy gave us tons of jars. His mother had passed away not to long ago and he knew we would use them and put them to good use. He's been a good guy to us.

So anyway we have 27 qts. of canned chicken done. I filled and mom watched and timed the canner. And some how I just went to rest for a minute and fell asleep. I didn't mean to... but it happened. I guess my body took over. It didn't help that I was warm and relaxed.

As of yet I can't make anymore sense of anything than I could however many minutes ago I started this... so until later on...


  1. Oh, I am doing the same thing...waking up ridiculously early and then tired all day.
    Congrats on all that canning. You folks are amazing! Take care!

  2. Hope you get some rest. I got sleepy thinking about it. Glad you were warm. I think I read where you were cold, cold the other day. What's a few minutes of warmth and a doze? Priceless.