Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We've got...

Wind, we've got cold, we've got rain drops, WHO could ask for anything more... Ummm hmmm let me see... I could come up with a few things... here is our forecast...

UPDATED: Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

Some of the coldest air so far this winter is about to descend on the Ozarks. A deep low pressure system is currently forming west of Lamar and will track across Missouri tonight. As the storm deepens the winds are going to become incredibly strong out of the northwest with gusts greater than 40 mph. A few snow flurries are possible after midnight towards sunrise mainly north of Springfield. I do not expect much if any accumulation as the main system will be tracking east quickly. Temperatures will be taking a dive later tonight. The warmest reading on Wednesday is likely to be midnight tonight in the low to mid 30s. Wednesday morning the readings will be in the upper teens and low 20s with teens possible during the day before wrming to the lower 20s during the afternoon. The winds will remain breezy from the northwest at 15-25 mph so wind chills are going to be in the single digits. The cold really settles in Thursday morning as the center of the high pressure moves over head. The sky will clear and the winds will be light. Looking back upstream temperatures in Nebraska are in the single digits so I think this is where we are headed Thursday morning. The high Thursday should remain at or below freezing for a second day. A slight warmup will take place Friday into the weekend but overall temperatures will remain below average through the seven day forecast. A couple of small disturbances will cross the country with one coming by Friday and another Sunday into Monday. Neither system is very big but might be capable of producing a few light flurries, nothing looks major at this point.

SO no snow just cold... Right now I'm cold and heading back to bed before starting the day in the cold. I have one question... WHERE IS GLOBAL WARMING WHEN YOU NEED IT?!?!

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  1. Hi Sara!
    So you are from the great state of Missouri!
    I spent much time there on my Grandmothers farm when I was growing up. She lived in a tiny town 20 or so miles to the west of Lamar (on what was then route 71?) called Sheldon. I was from the big city of Chicago-but had to live with my grandma for half the year. At first, being a city kid who never even saw a cow up close or knew what an outhouse was--I hated it! But as the years went by I grew to love the state of Missouri and the country.
    Later, after I was married we lived in Neosho for some years and my youngest daughter was born in Joplin. To this day my husband and I have fond memories of our time spent there. We often say if we ever move South it will be back there!
    Tee Hee! I always say the same thing up here in the North country when we have such cold summers--where is the Global warming? Could we please have a little!
    We are expecting a snow storm starting this afternoon. Already have high winds and have lost electricity for a couple of hours. The weather alerts are saying we can expect up to 2 feet of snow by tomorrow. We'll see.
    Have a great day Sara and try to keep warm--Keeping you in my prayers--With love from the Cabin,
    Claudia O.