Monday, December 7, 2009

What's yours?

Holiday traditions, movies, cookies or goodies. This time of year brings many things... Here are some of ours...

Watching: A Christmas Carol (the Hallmark version) several times before Christmas day. It's my mom's favorite Christmas movie. Mine on the other hand is "It's a Wonderful Life". At the moment it's lost... :-/ I'm sure we'll find it...

Cookies: We've never been big on making Christmas cookies. We have good intentions... time seems to slip away and leave us with the NEXT year promise. :)

Goodies: Mom's Toffee... HINT HINT that's one thing that is almost a shoe in for the holidays. That and peanut brittle... the BEST Peanut brittle EVER! BAR NONE! I'll have to post the recipes some time... so we don't lose them. Trust me it's happened before.

Traditions: Having oyster stew on Christmas eve. I really don't care for it all that much... but it's a tradition. I've never been a great fan of soups and such.

So tell me yours... I'm all ears... or eyes I guess. :)

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