Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pulsator Problems...

What ever you do, DO NOT get Westfalia  pulsators! At the moment one is soaking in an effort to get clean enough to work. Our old (and I do mean antique in the dairy world) get cleaned out once a year if that and keep on pulsing.

This NEW thing has to be cleaned ever few months, or we won't work. In the summer it's flies getting sucked up in it, winter ... dust and what ever else might come with in a few inches of it. I'm not complaining... OK so I am... it just gets old.

Well the snow is almost gone, in it's place is mud, mud, and frozen mud. I don't know which is worse, snow and ice or mud with frozen mud and ice under it. Thankfully it's not rained. That would just add insult to injury... or so the saying goes. Today... if I were pricing farm milk.... $40.00 a hundred. :) CHA CHING!

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