Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nice days...

We've had a couple of very nice days in these parts. The sun, we actually got to see the sun. It just felt wonderful.

Now if we could find hay, and not have to keep running trying to find a stable source. Just about the time we find one they either decide not to sell anymore OR run out.  As they are selling to others. It gets rather frustrating to say the least.

Nothing much has been going on here.  Thank goodness!


  1. Starting the annual spring hay hunt here too. Wish the male person supposedly in charge of that little detail would get it in gear and do it instead of waiting for ideas from me. lol

  2. LOL CRAIGSLIST!!! that's an idea for him/you... :) here there is scads more than half not worth it... $20 a bale for 2 year old hay, or this one guy had 4x5 that were last years hay, but it was rotting, and twine tied... but GOOD hay. I just shake my head. I've even had one guy tell me that his cows ate the rotten stuff, when we told him ours wouldn't.

  3. Kind of the same here. We do use Craig's List too, but no deals there lately. We have 11 bales of nice baleage bought but need to find a way to get it home