Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates from Goatland...

It's been an eventful past few days. It's started Sunday morning with the kidding of Vivian with two handsome little bucklings. One with ears the other the elf ears of the La Mancha. SO cute...

Monday dawned with the kidding of Lightening and Suzanna. S. had one HUGE buck, of whom needed to be pulled since he was HUGE and the one front leg was back. Both are doing well.

Lightening on the other hand, well she had one doe and buck just fine... when I checked her at 3:30 there was only a joint of a leg showing. I got both legs coming right only to find that the head was turn to far back for me to get. So a flying trip to the vets office was made. Once there the vet got that baby out (dead for sometime to our surprise), then another one who is alive, and finally a fifth one who had a heartbeat but didn't make it. Lightening is doing well considering all what she's gone through. The three live babies are in the house. Chunky Monkey the last one born alive as I'm calling him finally ate more than 12 hours after being born. He also has a set of lungs on him like you wouldn't believe!

Lavender is rather jealous of the new babies on the block, and tries her best to head butt or step on, Little bully. :)

On a sad and somber note. A friend of our family has passed away from a long fought battle with lung cancer. Please pray for her family during this extremely difficult time.We will be temporarily adding their little bottle buckling to our mix until things have calmed down with them. We can't do much, but are doing what we can. Sherman will fit in just fine with his half siblings.

Must dash, chore time will soon be here, and the 3 hours of sleep I managed to snap last night will be catching up with me soon. Like I told mom this morning when I was laughing, enjoy this, (me laughing) for this to shall pass. :)


  1. First of all I am very sorry for your loss...
    And did you say that your goat had five kids? Wow!

  2. Thanks, and yes she had 5! We are thrilled with the three that have survived and that one of them was a "heifer". :)