Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a two Coke day...

So far I have one can of Coke sitting by me... one can in the milk barn (neither one is finished by the way). It's been a day and a half already and the day isn't even half over yet.

Kids have been fed twice, goats milked once, moo's milked, preg checked, goats fed and moo's fed... barn sprayed down at least until the next milking. I sorta had some breakfast, as in, I picked up a couple of sausage links, and a a few bites of hashed potatoes out of the skillet on my way back out to the barn for the vet check. Some where in there I did answer the phone... I think it was today... pretty sure.

The IBA guy was here today, and my wish finally came true... IBA has a website... I was all excited and everything until I went... what a let down. Oh well... at least there is a comment form... I feel multiple comments being sent. *big grin* They need feed back... at least I think they need MY feedback...

Well I best be off, it's a beautiful day here and I should try and get something done... sounds good doesn't it? We'll see what happens... if anything.

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