Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keepin' it real...

My motto for the evening is... "If it's clean, I'm wearing it."

We have some sick little kids around here... When baby calves have scours you don't normally get it on you from head to toe. Goat kids on the other hand are a different subject. For the better part of the day I've been battling babies who don't want to eat, want to eat, are screaming, playing, not playing, getting out...etc.

I called the vets office 3 times in an effort to talk with someone on what to do. Finally talked with someone after hours  as they were still working at 6. And since that was prime chore time I had to go over later and get the meds. So after chores I came in and decided that I really didn't want to head over to the office in dirty, caked on mud, crud, dried scours, dried milk jeans and hoody.

And what I ended up with was: pink Tweety bird PJ bottoms (hey, I've not worn them in years and it was the only thing handy), maroon "Farm Girl" hoody that has a picture of a tractor and says "Give me the keys I'm driving.", and sheep skin slippers. Mom said "Your going like that?" Yup... It's clean and are you coming with me? So we head over and pick up the stuff and go to DQ for a cone. On the way home I asked if she wanted to go to Walgreens. Answer " NO why would I?" I don't know...I could go in. ~laughing~ Like that she says... Yeah, why not? I'd just look like everyone else. For once I could have been NORMAL... and to think... I've lost the chance. Blast...

This has been the longest I've been off the farm and away from these kids in DAYS, I think. I don't know... maybe not... the days are a blur.

So many kids, so little time. Only 3 more hours and I'll be able to go to sleep. Sleep... it's what's for dinner!

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