Friday, May 7, 2010

And so...

It's another Friday... this week has just sped by leaving dust in it's tracks. So just where did it go??? I always ask myself that. The answer is???? The day to day STUFF... and extra's like, trimming the goats feet, worming delousing, getting parts for the mower, stringing electric fence wire from here to kingdom come... I felt like a spider afterward. But the goats... large, small, and not yet born... are contained... amazing!

And so... the week has finally come to and end... what a relief! And I even got the yard mowed yesterday. Still needs to be trimmed but I'm only good at so much.

You know, I think I'm' starting to like this whole draft blogger thing... yeah I know I'm behind in the times... so what else is new?! :)

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