Friday, June 18, 2010

6 minutes

That's how long I'm giving myself BEFORE heading out the door for chores. sigh...

OK here's the scoop...

Babynina has landed!!! We have a cleaned machine... haven't tried her out yet though... I've lost the power cord. I TOLD them I would, but would they listen?! NOOOOOO  oh well. From the sample stitches it looks great though. Will have to try out some of those stitches!

No rain... I'm jealous over a certain blogger friend and HER rain... and coolness. It's been dry here with rain all around us... and hot... humid... It feels more like July than June.

I've been working on, OK thinking on what is wrong with the electric fence. I should have a HOT popping fence... it's less than a half a mile of wire, a 25 miles fencer, and 1 joules. I'm getting 1.9kv ARGH... if anyone knows what might help let me know. It's not touching anything, not going through heavy vegetation, grounded... I can't figure it out! And it's also a brand new fencer... 3 in fact have done the same bloomin' thing!

OK my 6 minutes were up 4 minutes ago... happy sewing, gardening, farming, fixing, shopping... whatever your doing today!!! 

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