Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chief & Hot-rod

Yesterday the vacuum pump that enables us to milk the moos, gave up the ghost, or so we thought. Thankfully we had gotten through morning milking. Be thankful for small and big things... pray over and about EVERYTHING!

So in true fashion I call R. who will from now on just be called Chief. When the pulleys wouldn't hardly move or not at all it's a BAD thing. I asked Chief... how bad is bad, knowing full well how BAD was bad... a $1000.00 bad? He laughed, I groaned.. more like $5000.00 he said. I was about in tears... by the end of the day I was...

We didn't have $5000.00 if it was totally shot. NO way to get it either. So I tried everything he told me to do... nope nothing... I finally called him and said... We can't get ahold of G. to see if he'll sell us his, and we don't have the $5000.00. Now what? and he told me, well you are in a pickle? (ya think so?) But I'll come...  Thank you I said... He got here with his helper... Hot-rod... And so began the taking apart of the pump... Well there it is, the little spinning thing (my terms) is spun out, and the vanes are shot... and then it was no it's just the vanes are shot. and he pulled pieces and a crumbled vanes out... OK this is good I thought if it's just the vanes maybe just maybe we'll be OK.

Long story short (I've got to get oil ASAP) It was just the vanes, it hadn't spun out, and as Chief told me more than once... do you KNOW close you came? do you KNOW how big of a bullet you dodged? Yes I do and it was God... You see when this brand of vacuum pump goes, it's gone.

God is good, faithful and never late... some days though... like yesterday we have meltdowns... nothing seems to go right, people ask hurtful questions, and you wonder what is the point of it all? Why do we keep going when nothing seems to work right or do right? I don't know...

But then some good things happen like the vacuum pump only costing $600.00, a friend giving us some peaches (18 qts. ready for winter) and little heifer calves.

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