Thursday, July 15, 2010


Rather nightmares... I never have them... dreams yeah sure, not nightmares. I've been awake since before 5 when one woke me up. Heart pounding, almost hyperventilating, and jumping when the dog touched me. Pour Wally got kicked, not hard but just out of a scared reaction.

Every time I would close my eyes I would relive the nightmare. And now I'm so tired from keeping myself awake that I'm almost in tears. To top it off it's already a sauna out and was back at 5:27 AM when Ranger just HAD to go out.

Yesterday though I did get a little sewing done. My first ever applique, by hand... {patting self on back} :)

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  1. Ewwww... I hate it when that happens. It's bad enough to have nightmares but when they keep you awake or force you to stay awake so you don't go back to them -- it's horrid. I hope you sleep well w/pleasant dreams tonight!

    I love your quilt squares below! Love the doggy photo -precious. Agree with the studies. Glad you and your mom got to laugh together. :) Love, Jenn