Friday, July 9, 2010

It's been

Raining!!! It's been so nice to get at least some rain. The creek isn't running, but at least there are some pools now. More chances today and thankfully extending into next week. WOO HOO!!!!

Not much is really going on around here. At least that I want to put on public viewing... it's been a hard week, but we made it through day by day by the grace of God. And so another day is in the making. I'm already tired and would much rather head back to bed than into the goat and calf yonder.

At some point we need to find someone or someone needs to help me fix the water gate that is out. Fighting and separating the dry cows, heifers and milk cows daily is getting really old REALLY fast. Jerseys seem to get bored and need something to do if they aren't sleeping or grazing... you know I bet there is someone out there doing a study on what is best to do for increased happiness of moo's in their spare time. Yes I'm being sarcastic... but some of the things than money gets spent on is NUTS! A study to see how much energy it takes for a cow to shed in the springtime... FYI... alot... so much in fact that their butterfat test will drop. I know I'm not very bright, but I think it has more to do with them eating lush grass and having an increase in milk production. Oh well...

On the sewing front, not much happening... I did get some fabric though... :) great plans for the weekend! Pictures to come...

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