Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chapters for a book

From this week, what I feel would be good chapter titles for a book:

MRI, I came, I saw, I heard... and with out being sedated... (Note from mom: don't do it without sedation! her next one she will be)
1 to many doctors, waiting rooms, and paperwork...
Waiting... a true test of patience... or the lack there of
OHH THAT fabric would make a GREAT postcard!
Seriously does anyone know how to drive anymore?
18 Attorneys in one room...
The never ending cough...
Being Deposed... not what I expepted
I'm not a 3 year old, please don't talk to me as such... the mental meandering I have.
Bed... is a wonderful thing... wish I saw it more often...
Does Calgon really take a person away???
It's Complicated...

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  1. What!? Are you ok? Lawyers and MRIs! - that can't be a good combinationa!