Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Morning ALL

OK so I've been a tiny bit busy. The days just seem to go by ever so slowly in an extremely fast way. Days are spent getting things tidied up for winter, trying to find some hay for winter (this is depressing) oh lets be honest here... the thought of winter just about sends be over. So really I'm trying NOT to think about it.

Lets focus on things of beauty like fabric, foliage, fickle moos, fall roses, landscapes... so forth and so on...


  1. Your cows are just plain gorgeous, as are your flowers. We are in the same whirlwind of getting ready for bad weather. Trying to save feed for winter but the grass is sparse and the hay fields very wet.

  2. Thanks 3C's... I wish those cows were confirmed as being bred... then I could think them the most wonderful of bovines! :) I say we do a rewind and get a little more summer weather in... oh heck lets just skip winter altogether!