Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If at first...

You don't bake cookies... TRY TRY AGAIN. OK TODAY I am going to bake some cookies... I think... maybe? We'll see. It all depends on the ye ole mood after being out in the nasty weather with chores.

The small afghan I'm trying my best crochet is well... OK this what happened. After much trial and error yet again (the dish cloth fiasco all over again) I tor it out last night and started all over again. Some how the first go kept shrinking. My tension is SO off it's not funny. Anyway this second go around is better... still a little of that darn shrinking going on but better none the less. other than it's curling! Should it be curling? I don't know... OH WELL so it goes.

The backing of the baby quilt got finished so now it's on to the blankets and diapers? I'm still debating on that last one. I'll probably make a go of one and see how it turns out. Just for the fun of it.

I really should work on a calf coat today though. Hmm... So much to do... so little time. And yet why do the days seem to stretch on forever at times?

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