Thursday, March 26, 2009

Murders Row is almost complete

Well we have 5 new goats! Tippe, Tessie, Candy and her two kids Cotton and Casper. I've not gotten pictures yet, maybe tomorrow. We are looking at another milking goat tomorrow. So we might be getting another goat.

Tippe is a tad bit shy and umm well nuts, Tippe her daughter last year is a sweetie but stays with her mother, and Candy is just as sweet as can be. We've not yet put our goats with them, however they have seen and the little girls don't think much of them. Viv and Vash are a wee bit jealous. Anyone who says animals don't have feelings or are just animals, well their NUTS!

Sometimes I feel caught between the animal rights people and farmers (some farmers that is). I watch the last half of Death on a factory farm, on HBO. It made me livid! I'm sure I was the only farmer who thought that those farmers should have gotten more than a $250 fine and the one got something like anger management course. It has bothered me for almost two weeks now. It's a fine line we farmer have to hoe, but this doesn't mean we should torture or be cruel to an animal because we think no one is watch.

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