Saturday, March 7, 2009

Organic farming to become illegal?

If you go to my MO-MOOS NEWS blog or go here. Just when I think nothing else will shock me. And after I had a small, tiny, almost microscopic rant on Hoard's Notebook today. On a totally opposite thing.

And I quote from Hoard's "Just today, we learned of the Majority Leader’s plan to prohibit schools from serving meat or poultry products from animals treated with antibiotics. The bill would also place a ban on antibiotics for non-therapeutic and prophylactic uses. Finally, the bill would require state and local governments, when purchasing meat supplies, to prefer meat supplies produced without the use of medically important antibiotics as feed additives. See the .pdf link below to view the bill."

Here is the bill.

Granted I'm not for the use of antibiotic's as a whole, however I'm not going to let an animal suffer and die because I would rather not have to use an antibiotic. If your animals are feed properly you won't have to use them on the whole. Granted weather plays havoc on animals the same as people. Right now I'm fighting colds and a possible case of pneumonia. All because we have gone from warm to freezing cold, to mild, and then to warm. It can be maddening.

Anyway back to government taking over farming. Hmm does anyone else think this smells a little like Communism??? Is it just me? ARGH!!! Why won't anyone wake up in this country?!

OK I'll go now... I'm getting upset. And I wanted today to be a day a relaxation... yeah right!

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