Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring comes to the Farm...

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  1. Oh, these are beautiful, Sara! What a lovely collage of furry babies. What kind is the one on the bottom left? He's an odd-looking duck.

    I confess, however, to a wee bit of jealousy. You have daffodils??? Even though it's been pouring rain for a couple hours, we still have tons of snow and not a hint of green anything.

  2. Thank you! All the babies are half LaMancha (No outer ears) on their sires side. Thankfully our babies all have a little bit of ear. Their daddy didn't have ANY outer ears. Their mothers were and are a Nubian (Sabrina with the fly away ears as they call them) and a Saanen (Velma - God rest her little goat soul who was pure white with sticky uppy ears). Yes I believe animals go to heaven. :)

    I must admit our daffodils are early this spring. They popped into bloom just 2 days ago.
    There are even some flowering trees in bloom around town. WAY too early.