Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayer answered

I can't remember if I ever mentioned Buddy, the Black Lab over grown puppy that had been dumped on us a while back. We just could NOT keep him. We already have 4 dogs of our own. And besides that none of them liked him and he was starting to get an attitude and almost knocked me down the steps. ANY WAY we have been praying that he would find a new home. AND TODAY of all days, just when we couldn't take any more, HE found a new home. PRAISE the LORD! He went to a loving family with kids and will be the only dog there.

Behold the power of prayer. It is such a relief that he is gone. We now have our little family back again. Ranger is over his depression, Scout is giddy and running around like a puppy, Wallace is finally getting back to his ole self and Whinny... well Whin she is just chillin'. I think I can sleep tonight... I hope I can anyway.

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  1. We adopted the same kind. He is TOTALLY a handful and has an amazing personality. We'd love another dog but aren't sure if he can handle it.