Friday, March 13, 2009

We have

A FLOOR!!!! Can you believe it!!!! I can believe it. I just want to go out and lay down on it and imagine things to be. It really is a wonderful thing.

I sold a bull calf today. We needed the money and it's one less to feed. I wasn't overly fond of him either so that helps. The guy asked if we had Guernsey's, since we have had some calves with a LOT of white on them. His wife just laughed when I said no and I guess from the expression on my face. We only have one half breed left. A dinosaur in the bovine world... a left over from when we had Holsteins. We even used to have them all registered. Yet the lack of funds and I never was good with all the paper work I had to put into it. Boy that sounds lazy of me doesn't it? So it goes, it's the truth.

The naming of them was rather fun... One dear cow who is long gone was Kountry Lass Ruby Red Slippers. :) Our prefix has since changed to MO-MOOS. Yes it was rather fun coming up with names. Dreaming of that one special cow that who would become the next great thing in the bovine world. Right now I would settle for something that gave more than a glorified goat. NO disrespect to goats! Since we do have some of our own now. :)

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  1. A FLOOR! A FLOOR! I think this calls for a dance!!!