Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a day!

This is where they make their plans to over take me. *SMILE*

It's a gorgeous day here!!! The sun is shining, birds are singing, there is an ever so slight breeze, it's WARM (80's for a high!), grass is greening up and growing, and for the moment I'm good. Yup you heard it here first... ME in a good mood! HEY in my defence I'm always in a fairly good mood, when I'm not in a bad mood, or totally exhausted.

The little groats as I lovingly call them, are growing leaps and bounds... literally! I've never seen such big babies. HONEST! Sweet little babies that they are. They are also in their lets nibble a bite, and hit stage... I have the bruises, missing hair, and various bites to prove it. :)

On the calf front: I think they are all almost over the colds they had due to the past few weeks wild weather. I'll be glad when we have a constant warming trend over this highs to drastic lows. As for the big bovines, I do believe they are trying to milk more than a glorified goat! WOO HOO things are looking up. And even if they weren't I would still look up with thanks and praise.

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