Saturday, June 20, 2009


After many days of not worrying, not stressing out, NOT getting frustrated and wanting to cry… Violet and Hyacinth both ATE tonight!!!!  They have been on an eating strike. And who can blame the little things. SOOO sweet they is… Being taken from their mummy, moved, disbudded all with in 24 hours. It would be hard on ANYONE or thing.

The one saving grace was that Lily ate very well from the beginning. Over the course of 3 days I’ve called 2 vet clinic’s about them. Knowing that in this heat we’ve been having and the stress, dehydration would be an issue. The first clinic… my stand by, my rock of vets… let me down… :-/ WHERE is DR. H when you need him?! No I get the new vet… I’m not sure he is even a vet yet… I’m sure he’s nice enough and means well, but when you say if they don’t eat soon there is no hope… well that doesn’t do much for the lifting of the spirits.

Thankfully the new clinic I found was much more optimistic. Persistence! They’ll get it… just try often. And I’ve persevered and won the battle of the stubborn baby Nubian goats. I fought the goats and I WON, I fought the goats and I WON!!!   I just love changing the lyrics to songs to fit my mood… :)

Tomorrow I’ll show you our Lowe’s find of the week. :) Can anyone say Lemon Trees for 9.95???? :)

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