Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Travels... formally Tuesday..

OK everyone... please sit down, relax, and lets have a full filled time traveling the blog-sphere. This time we are heading halfway around the world for our starting point. YEAH!!! This country is the one I would most like to visit in the flesh! Next would be England in the Spring... the countryside.. Long Garden to be exact, the maybe Germany (where most of my past relatives came from.), Malta, and the South of France... I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't want to go to Paris. OK lets get this puppy back on track. As you'll remember I start off at a FAVORITE blog and then from that one we go into the blog unknown. :)

First stop is... Chookyblue an Australian blog. I just adore this first stop. It's just a wonderful blog IMHO! Farming, quilting, baking... REAL LIFE BABY! :) From this wonderful site we head to :

Kerry Swains Cottage... What a treat! another Aussie blog... full of quilting. :) Can't go wrong there now can we? From this site we go:

Sarah's Prime Treasures... HEY! All Sarah's/Sara's are wonderful people SO we just HAD to go. I'm guessing it's another Aussie blog... I can truly say I enjoyed this blog. BOOKMARKED! along with the one above it! :) Next on our stop is:

Katie's Dream ... A sweet little blog that I wouldn't mind going back to sometime...

And that will end this weeks traveling blog. If anyone has any suggestions of a blog that should be traveled let me know! :) Bye bye and buy bonds! :)

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