Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A good laugh...

Today was a day of far flung travels... here, there, everywhere. After morning chores... I went to get the dip stick for the tractor at the parts store. I have issues with this store. I seem to always get the clerk who is having a BAD day. At one time there was just one woman to deal with, now there are TWO. UGH... I would much rather deal with a man there ANY man. Anyway that didn't happen... I was even first in line and one of the fine ladies working there took him in front of me... Oh well... smile on... smile on...

So 10 minutes and $9.16 later... I KNOW for a DIP STICK! I could hardly believe it. And I had to pay tax to boot. Here if it's for farm use you don't pay tax. Now I ask you... What possible use are you going to have for a tractor oil dip stick other than it being FOR a TRACTOR on a FARM??? I didn't even ask... but one would think that for $9.16 it would come with the rubber O rings right? HA ... I say HA! So in my mind I thought why go back and fight traffic... I'll just stop off at MFA on the way home. I'm sure they would have them. Sigh... Why do I bother thinking? I should just stop and for go the pain I cause myself. MEN... God Bless them... they need it... and I'll leave it at that. Needless to say the ones he got for me didn't work. SO it was off to Vestal's to get the right ones... thankfully they were helpful and the O rings worked. It's to bad they didn't carry Agco parts... It would make my life so much easier. But they did have some nifty Farm-All fabric... I know... seems odd for a tractor and equipment store to have fabric.

In other news... the heat finally broke. Pop up storms here and there dropped the temp 20 degrees in less than 20 minutes. WOW... it was so nice not having to sweat through chores. I'm not even going to complain about the humidity.

And now for the laugh... I've not had one in days... Well Mom came with me on run to V's for the O rings. Well we were talking and she asked if milk prices had came up... I laughed and laughed at that one. OH it did make me feel better. In all honesty I've given up looking at the CMT prices. It only adds to the stress I'm feeling. So I figure who needs it. Some day milk prices will be up and over cost of production. Right? Someone just lie as say yes... Thank you and Good Night...


  1. They are talking twenty dollar milk next year.
    But who will be left to care?
    I feel your pain...

  2. Really?!? $20.00 there is hope to keep going on... JUST what time next year... Jan 1st or sooner would suit me just fine. :)OR sooner... as in yesterday!