Friday, June 26, 2009

And the heat goes on...

And the heat goes on... blessed relief is on the horizon though... Sunday. High for then... a cool 86. It will feel like heaven! I know the moo's will be happy with the relief along with all our other critters. Both two and four legged. :) At the moment it's clouding up with the possible, slight, minuet, really a long shot pop up T-storm.

I'm not holding out much hope but the cloud cover does help. Now if a breeze would stir things might be bearable.

One thing about it... fescue season is in full swing. At least for those who harvest the seed. For those of us who don't it doesn't really matter much. I do feel though for them, it's a hot and dusty job. Always working against time, weather, and equipment.

It made me think this morning as I was going to the vets office for some meds, I was passed by, a sheriffs car, 3 ambulances, 1 state trooper, 1 fire truck, and life line was over head... that life is short. And I then wondered, was it a farming accident, combine, tractor, baler??? the likely hood it was bad wreak out in the middle of no where is slim. Maybe a fire... I didn't see any smoke though. I'll probably never know... and my thoughts will soon be off on something else. But somewhere in MO there are people who could use some prayer I'm sure...

Signing off for now...

PS. First cherry tomatoes are ripe in the garden! It's to bad I don't like them! Zuchinni is soon to follow, and there are baby buds on the green beans. :) Oh the joys of summer and it's bounty!

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