Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have just about...

Decided to start writing letters to Washington DC. for what ever good it would do. At least I would feel like I'm doing something to maybe chink the armor off the uncaring, unknowing, people in politics. Something needs to be done for the dairy farmers of this country. Right? Besides there is a lot more that I want to say. :)

Will I ever get around to doing? more than likely not... but in my mind at least I'm giving them what for. Besides... who would listen to me anyway?

It's the heat talking... today's the last fore casted day of excessive heat. I can hardly wait for the cool front that is supposed to be pushing in later today.

So what is on tap for the day? Good question... staying cool I'm guessing. That and finding the serger needles. I wanted to get some of the tops I'm working on put together. Only to have the one of the needles break and of course I don't know where any new ones are. I bought them but, well I've lost them. :-/ so it goes... :)

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