Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things with Wings... Sunday Stills...

These first two are from the archives... Sadly we no longer have Lucy (the black cat). For over a month last summer this Mocking Bird would dive bomb poor Lucy. It was rather comical.

ATG (AKA Alexander the GREAT) the newest Chicken addition to the flock. He's a Banty Cochin. Isn't he darling... Napoleon wasn't in the mood to be photographed. He's another banty rooster but he looks as tho he's wearing black over-all's. TOOO cute...

And YES this creature above does have Wings... you just can't seem them. while I was TRYING to get pic's of WINGED things... PT and a heifer had some how managed to get out. WHERE I haven't a clue...

And last but not least a fuzzy pic of a Wrens nest in a hanging basket we have... Five little winged babies to be if all goes well. :)


  1. Very nice, can't wait to see the baby wrens... :-)

  2. The mockingbird flying at your kitty...too funny. Great pictures. And your handsome boy!
    Great pics all!

    Those sneaky escape artist calves. Friday night while driving home from a bull riding rodeo, I almost hit a calf cossing busy RT 66, just 500 feet away from even busier I-40!
    I had to call 911 and wait with my highbeams on the little guy, to make sure he didn't come back out onto the blacktop, until the cops showed up and discovered the gap in the barbwire fence, and then herded him back through with their cars. gah!


  3. I am partial to chickens, of course! Nice pics and stories.