Monday, June 1, 2009

Let them eat cake,,,

Or whatever is handy... today has been a Monday... not bad, not outstanding... ho hum... In and effort to get some baby blankets sewn up, I found out:

A. I didn't have ANY baby blue thread... navy check, steel blue yup, confederate grayish blueish UMM HMM, chambray you betcha, royal blue, turquoise blue, pink, red, taupe, neon green, coral, pumpkin ... I could go on but you get the point... So this meant I had to go get some. Did that...

B. Found out I have NO frey check... grrrrrr and I NEED IT! So it's off to town again. After I cut out 2 more baby blankets...

C. Out of 1000 or so it seems stitches on my Bernina... do you think there is one with a shell tuck for knit? NOOOOOOOOO Sweet magnolia that would be too simple. So I haul out the Janome... YES we have shell tuck stitch... will it work?! It works like snow in July... Now I've got a headache... and it's this *______________________BIG______________________*. Not really but I do have a headache.

D. It's hot... it's almost 90 and it the first day of June... what gives?

F. Yes Virgina pins do go through little sand thingy you have to hold them. Shall I tell you how I came upon the discovery... It's very simple... it fell during the night... not one to worry about such things I didn't pick it up until I stepped on it this afternoon... OUCH! It didn't bleed that much and thankfully it didn't break off... at least it wasn't a tack... those things HURT like the double eyed dickens to pull out.

OK enough... I have to get to cutting...

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