Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nothing to write about...

There really isn't much to talk about these days. Besides:

Weaning kids... after 2 extra months of bottle duty for Rose, Sweet Pea, and Pansy... I'm finally in the home stretch of weaning. I'm cutting them down to 3/4 bottles morning and night.

Fire... he's doing well. Although I seem to have to get him running a little before he will finally do his "business". Other that and being weaned him and his sisters are doing well. Now if I could just CATCH his sisters.

The garden I think is growing leaps and bounds.

I could write about the abortion doctor who was killed in KS a while back. There was an article in the Kansas City Star paper about him. I'll have to read it. Mom was telling me about it. I just don't understand how people can justify taking an innocent life. As the late doctor said... "he was giving women their dreams back" OK I'm sorry but what about the lives and dreams of the "little women" There were SURLY some little girls who he murdered who would have grown up to be women. They would have hopes and dreams. But because two people don't want the inconvience of having a CHOICE THEY made interfear with THEIR lives... a little baby dies. OK getting off the soap box now. And just for the record... I don't agree with the person who killed this doctor. Killing is killing... There is no good spin to put on murder.

I'm not much of a newspaper reader. Although I did read about Martha Stewart's new cookbook Cupcakes. I even saw it at Wally World, well the super center... All I can say is... MMMMMM HEY if your looking for different recipes head to http://www.kansascity.com and do a search for recipes their are 403 sites for recipes and so far some look very promising...

SO lets find something up lifting to talk about... as it won't be milk prices, abortion, polotics, gas prices, the price of tea in China... :) which I'm sure is going up like everything else.

Good... there must be some good going on in the world... Anybody know of anything?

Well it's time for chores... online ones are done... sad soooooo sad... LOL now for the real life ones.

Later today... Blog Hopping...

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