Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy Monday...

It's raining... or has been raining and probably will be raining off and on during the day. And to top it off it's MONDAY. Why can't farmers have longer Sundays? Inquiring minds want to know... me, myself and I that is. :)

So what should I do today... good question. There seems to be a million and one things I could, should, need... to do... yet I'm less than motivated to do any of it. I just want to sleep and not hear dogs barking, cows mooing, goats naaing, roosters crowing (THAT REMINDS ME!!!! Hold on to that thought), cats doing whatever they please where ever they please... neighbors going by honking their car horns in greetings to a relative. Of whom just got married last night. Mom and my grandmother went to their first ever Amish Mennonite wedding. 3 and a half hours after they left the ceremony was over and the reception is to follow this evening.

OK about the Roosters... we had been plagued with 2 horriblly mean and over zelous roosters. L1 (inside family joke and someone else would understand) ANYWAY L1 was known to do sneak and attack missions on unsuspecking people. You had to carry a stick, broom, hoe... anything in case he would start on the war path just to be safe... Even our dogs seemed scared of him. Anyway he's gone. YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!! and so is L2 who was just nuts over the ladies of the flock and was getting the temperment of his daddy (L1). So they have found new homes along with another rooster we had. There is peace in the hen house again. Other than the fact that mom got a little banny rooster who has been named Napolian.

Well it's that's time again... no rest for the wicked...

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