Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back on the BLOG again..

Back where a friend is a friend... :)

Yes it's been a couple of days. For one thing I didn't want to blog on my birthday... why I don't know. Then things just seemed to snow ball, I wasn't inspired by much of anything or nuttin' honey.

In the news around here, We are getting 4 more goats... just when I thought I was through feeding babies... I'm blaming my mother for showing me a craigslist post of 3 of of the cutest (Spring born Nubians... since NOTHING is cuter than Rose, Sweet Pea (or Pea for short) and Pansy (Pan for short). Anyway... since I have a soft spot for roman nosed, fly away eared babies a set of triplet doelings are coming along with a SAANEN doeling! We have been searching HIGH and low... for one. And the closest we could come was Utah or TN. I'm not up to all that driving y'all. Now to find a Saanen buck. I've got a few monthes for that.

The milk froze in the bulk tank and we have been fighting with the agitator (the thingy that moves the milk in the tank.). I'm personally tired of this old barn. But Praise the Lord things are working now...

Have a good night all...

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  1. Happy belated birthday, congratulations on the new goats....and sorry about your agitator miseries. We have suffered through similar in the past. No fun.