Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy days...

Where did yesterday go? And where did the memory of it also flee too? Sheesh... Today was a drippy kind of day... I helped mom mow the yard today... in a heavy sprinkle... About the time my shorts, hair, shirt were wet, and glasses were in need of windshield wipers. I called it quits... There was only one large part left to do and she is doing it now... :)

On farming fronts... we had plumbing problems in the barn today... THANK GOODNESS the inspector didn't show!!! Milkers and pipe line didn't get washed until late afternoon... Also the bulk tank. Today was pick up day. Everything else is A OK... goats are screaming, cows are meandering, Scout is chasing the neighbors 4-wheelers, chickens are being chickens... how ever that is.

Personally I went to Springfield today to the chiropractor... I finally got out 45 minutes after getting there. Just long enough to make me late getting to the vets office in Bolivar. OH well, seeing as I was late I stopped off at the Goodwill store... at least it will be a cheap place to get some chore clothes. And they had a few crock pots. I'm wanting to try and reduce fresh tomato juice into sauce using the low setting, for canning... :) Yes C., P., JK #1 and #2, and anyone else I do have a brain... sometimes I just forget it. :)

In other news... got home and friend of ours were here!!! :) IT WAS ABOUT time!!! :) It's been a long time since we've seen them. The next time shouldn't be a couple of years... :)

Well I'm off...

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  1. For us yesterday it was the hot water heater....grateful for the holiday so no inspector here either.
    Have a great fourth!