Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good News... HA!

WARNING... This post contains sarcasm in high concentrations. Do NOT read if you are a fan of DFA (Dairy Farmers of America). I wouldn't want to add to your stress levels :) However I am glad you'll be getting some of your hard earned money back.

OK Let me first say that a. if you know me very well you know my dislike of DFA b. if you didn't know... well now you do, c. Hoard's at times ranks right up there with DFA in my book.

The other day I was brave enough to look at the futures of milk on the Hoard's website (actually I linked off their site to the CMT because I can never remember how to get there myself.) So since it had been a while since I had read their blog I popped over there. WHY do I ever think I'm going to read anything that will uplift me there?! I would really like to know.

There was a post about DFA.... *cue sarcasm* That wonderful, dairy farmer owned and ran co-op... *cough, gag, cough* *rolling of the eyes* They are going to give back 9.5 million dollars to their co-op members, isn't that big of them?! They catch is... you had to have been producing milk From Jan -Jun of this year to get your money. To bad for those producers who had to sell out before that. You won't be getting your share.

Now this begs to be questioned. IF DFA is really ran by it's members... *rolling eyes again* why weren't they being given this money all along? And just where did all this money come from? After all in a co-op aren't the profits supposed to go BACK to it's members anyway?

Well this has been in my craw for several days now, just rolling around getting ground into fine little particles... I was letting it go. Moving FORWARD... not looking to the past... That was until today.

Our inspector came for a water sample. So we were chit chatting...He told me he had just heard the good news right from a DFA field man's mouth that milk prices are going up! $3 whole dollars by the end of the year!!! OH GOODY GOODY GOODY... ARGH He say well by then you'll be able to pay your feed bill. To which I said... Wouldn't that be nice. Then me and my big mouth... that and a laps in memory preceded to tell him about DFA and the giving back of money and just where did it come from.

Sigh... He got a WEE bit defencive over DFA and told me that maybe they just put it back for something else and decided to give it to the farmers now. WELL land a Goshin!!! didn't those producers need it days, weeks, MONTHS ago? ARGH!!!!! That's when I remembered he used to be a DFA Field man... SO I shut up and commented on his new car... it was very pretty.

OK so this is what I've been thinking... How is it that this DFA field man knows for certain how milk is going to rise in price? It's well known that DFA along with KRAFT will stab farmers in the back and have for YEARS. They manipulate the prices so they can make a profit. When are we farmers going to wake up and smell the sour milk?! Our co-ops lobby against us, our government doesn't get it and won't go enforce the laws on the books. We are importing more than we are producing, butter imports are up 129% over this time last year, and farmers are having to make some hard choices... all because someone in a high rise office needed to make a profit. A person who probably wouldn't know a bull from a cow. You should just be glad I didn't say what I wanted to there... A person who will just get THEIR milk in the store! Excuse me but where do think the milk comes from to get to that store?!?!?!?

Don't you just love it when someone asks you how much that one gives... pointing to your bull. :) God bless those who don't know... I'm sure I've been there on other things.

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  1. I share your frustration and your opinion.
    Very strongly.
    We all know where the money from our milk checks is.....