Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hall of shame...

I got this off of a email list I'm on. enjoy!!!

Cheese and dips...... go to , click on Hall of Shame and
look at the avalanche of unique products that previously contained US dairy
products.... that now contain MPC produced by Fonterra in new Zealand,
Australia and CHINA....imported by a subsiduary of DFA...and also Kraft
foods and others.

Take a look at Fontera in wikipedia. Look at the Sanlu scandal involving
infant death .Tell me if their dairy supply is safe? Look at Fontera website
they are selling the US also.

The solution is very simple.... to all these milk pricing problems that have
been like a roller coaster ride for decades.

Are we all ready to quit bitching or do someting about it.... before the
entire US dairy industry goes broke?

The solution is simple....but will our dairy leaders and US dairyman have
the courage... to do it?



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