Friday, July 10, 2009

Rain Relief

We have finally gotten some much needed rain. Things were beginning to look a little blah... :) Not much went on yesterday or today.

A neighbors steer has come a calling however. I didn't think that the water gate between us and our northern most neighboring neighbor was fixed. BUT according to this kid that came about the steer he it is... now to find where this black, demaled (thank goodness for that), bovine got over here at.

To make things clear... it's not our neighbors steer but his neighbor. Which I suppose is ours also, in a round about way. Anyway I'm' going to try and pen him up with help I hope tonight and they can come tomorrow and pick him up...

It's so nice to have a neighbor that doesn't want to bother us with penning him up... make me want to just pen him up and take him home. Alas our trailer is a few tires short of a trip. When we have money again that's the first thing I'm going to do... besides going to Sonic before Happy Hour to get a Cherry Lime aid :) I'm getting tires for that trailer. I dare sent hope for a new trailer. But it would be nice...

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