Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Super Fly Swatter...

It's no secret that around a dairy farm your going to have flies... those pesky, flying, biting, annoying creatures that I have YET to think of a good reason that the Lord created them. So far I've been trapping, spraying, and swatting them.

I've even worn a couple of fly swatters out. SO it was time to buy a super duper, industrial strength,... OH how about PROFESSIONAL grade tee hee... after all I am a professional right? Of what I don't know. Any who... I bought a new fly swatter today... it's made of leather and with a good wire handle. And let me tell you... it's a hum dinger!

To sum it up... SPLAT!!!!!! *thinking of wickedly laughing... to tired for more than that*

Night all... Or GOOD MORNING BARN YARD!!!! Whichever comes first... the Moon or the Sun...

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