Sunday, July 19, 2009


Where does it seem to go? Here and there and yon... I wish I could remember what happens with the time. Mostly it just seems to fade in and out. What with the daily chores and goings on's. I've decided that my life is just blah... BLAH BLAH BLAH... And some person out there would say... well change it, or it's your choice... sigh sigh sigh...

Why is it people always have an answer when they don't know how you feel or the whole situation. It's just not that easy to change yourself over night. Oh well on to brighter things. I am just fighting the ho hums and the whys.

Farm wise... tractor is up and running again!!! Three cheers!!! Moved the dry cows,heifers, and steers to the bottom and grass. Scarlett and Dinner (one steer who will be going in a freeze near us this Fall) Honestly that steer is about the DUMBEST animal... at least in the steered male form. Anyway Scarlett and Dinner are with the bulls in Rocky Top pasture, milk cows are on the 14 (named for it being a 14 acre field... Aren't we utterly creative around this joint?!) and West pasture... yes it's our westerly boarding field. Mom will begin bush hogging (HINT HINT HINT) there tomorrow I think... so we can then move bull over there, heifers to RT, and the milk cows will go down to the 22...

A storm blew up on Thursday, dumping rain and bring high winds. Thankfully no tornado's or hail came with it. Let me tell ya... it was looking a little iffy for a while. Yes I was out watching it and taking a few pictures. The corn is well... we are hoping it will go ahead and make while growing horizontally. We'll see... it seems there are those around here who are worried with the green beans... well when there are tons to pick, snub, snap, wash, pack, salt, lid, and can... I'll just keep quite. :)

Friday... ummm Uncle Larry came to get the fuel lines back on Aggie so we could be back in business.

Saturday I went and got diesel and literally a few groceries. Came home and sewed a little on a couple of chore tops... mom bush hogged, me ma got goat feed and went with UL in picking some rotting hay that we are going to put in some awfully deep ruts down the lane going to and past the 22.

Sunday... I'm typing the blog post... what more can I do?!

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