Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Monday... again...

The week is starting over... and every day we are getting closer to cows calving... I hope. ALL right that is it! I've had it... if I do NOT find a fly swatter, or buy one soon I'm going to scream! Yes I've lost the super duper one I bought over a week ago.

Don't you just hate it when your trying to be thought provoking in the morning, and flies are dive bombing your head. And there you set, aimlessly swatting at your head, the air, keyboard and screen?! This year if it's not the ants it's the flies. ARGH!!!!! There are days I do enjoy the thought of winter... when the flies are at there worst is one of them. All other times I'm just trying to enjoy the nice days, I'm not looking forward to winter this year... not that I ever do, this year is different.

On tap for today... for me... top stitch two tops, a dress, clear off table to cut another dress or two, maybe a a skirt and a few more chore tops for Krissie... BREAK!!! :) Mom will be whacking down weeds in West Pasture, and I'm not sure what the other two crew members will be up to.

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