Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain drops on Roses...

and whiskers on kittens... bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens... brown paper packages tied up with string... These are a few of my favorite things... When the milk price bites and the milk weights sting... I simply remember my favorite things... and then... well to be honest I feel just as bad! LOL :)

But it has been raining here... and it's cool with hardly any humidity to speak of... so very odd for the middle of July. It's green out! I'm not complaining... I just think it's odd is all.

On days like today I would normally be reading, sewing (but I don't have working lights in that room SO), or something constructive. Mom is out bush hogging since the rain has stopped for the time being... me I'm here. Typing away... not doing a blessed constructive thing. Between being treated like a criminal for having to give the gas company a counter check to watching an up lifting *sarcastic over tones* msnbc video on dairy farming my afternoon, well it's just been ducky... sigh...

Things to be thankful for... rain in July, making it through one day without crying (OK so the days not over with... I'm trying to be positive), little goats, baby calves yet to be born, Bernice the odd little chicken... who loves dwarf fuchsia blossoms, pink jasmine, chasing little song birds, flying to the oddest places then tetters back and forth just for the fun of it... One last thing... that we are one day closer to better days. Yet again being positive.

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