Monday, August 10, 2009

And the thunder rolls...

There is the distinct rumble of thunder on the northern front. For once I'm hoping that the clouds and thunder are actually bringing rain. We have really dried out and are in need of some moisture. Moisture sounds so much better than plain Jane rain.

Farm news... we are up to 4 bottle babies. 2 heifers, 2 bulls. 2 of them Jerseys 2 of them beef crosses thanks to Tim or Milt's Charolais bull/bulls. At least Annaliese has company. :) And we have a few more cows in milk. Trying to see the silver lining here.

In all honesty it really rather odd to have calves in the barn again. And having to feed them, egads. I forgot the utter joy of that over the last few months. *rolling my eyes*

So here I am typing away a semi cool morning with less humidity than yesterday, wasting it when I should be getting at chores. :) Later all...

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