Saturday, August 15, 2009

A week...

It's been a busy past week.

Mom had to go to the dentist early Monday morning for an emergency appointment. Thankfully no abscess. But antibiotic was called for. Thankfully we also got some much needed rain.

We've been canning some off and on, sold a baby bull calf, worried and fretted to much, had to take a cow to the vet (still not sure between all what they think as to what's really the problem), found out what it was like to put an attorney on edge by asking a simple question of legal malpractice. Sheesh you would have thought I had thrown a bomb in a room. That was kinda fun...

On the up note I only have 4 calves on the bottle right now. YEAH!!!! I wish it were more but it will come in time. We are needing to dry off some cows and maybe some will start to freshen soon. I hope and pray so.

More upbeat and cheerful posts to come. I hope.

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