Friday, August 28, 2009

A little bit of life...

Life these days is... I don't know. It's life... valleys (these seem deep and wide... DEEP and wide) Mountains... the peaks are high and seem short lived. I personally could do with a little joy... ya know.

I should be happy that milk prices are climbing up slowly. I should be thankful we have at least 2 heifers even if one is just a half breed jersey, who thinks it's her God given right to bawl incessantly until she is fed. For the most part I am. For the most part I'm trying to keep a positive attitude even if that means keeping my mouth shut.

In other parts of life, I bought canning tomato's yesterday. What was I thinking! :) NO body knows the maters I've bought, no body knows all of the canning... :) Our maters just don't seem to want to get ripe. Why? I haven't a CLUE!

Mom got some banty cochine hens to go along with the two roosters she already had. CUTE little birds who would prefer to stay in the chicken house over coming outside. No pictures yet. But they are cute!

We have a new dog... well I did post his pic a while back. But he has managed to stay here and seems at home. Kodiak or Kody as we call him either has a SEVERE case of never listens or he's deaf. We are leaning towards the latter. He doesn't like the rain, but LOVES standing in the kiddy pool we have to the dogs. He also loves the goat waterer... it's the same height as the kiddy pool and so he feels free to stand in it after you've just put fresh water in it. :) Doesn't go over very well with the humans around here. Needless to say we try and keep him out of the barn if at all possible or keep guard over the tank. It seems that if it isn't one stress it's another.

No new calves...

No new cats... now that's a blessing!!!

Well it's time for chores... pip pip and cherrio!

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  1. I wish I could make your valleys go away, and give you a nice, long stretch of level ground - but, of course, I can't.

    So I'll just pray and ask God to do it. :)