Thursday, August 6, 2009

Random shots... from the P&S

These are just a few shots from the point and shoot camera I have... Enjoy! They even brought a small smile to my face... now that's doing something anymore! Note... I chuckled... another rarity.

Tessie in the bucket of the tractor... she is an odd duck for sure...

One ODD looking goat. :) Vashtie on L. Annaliese on the right. We've decided that she is NOT full Jersey... THANKS Tim or Milt! Grrrr

Our new addition!!! He has no name as of yet... other than I call him Mr. Droolyface upon occasion. :) He was dumped on us the other night. And him's just a puppy... a HUGE puppy, who's paws are larger than the palm of my hand. Egads what a big boy he's going to be!

Recent shot of the little girls... from L-R Lily, Hyacinth and Violet.

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  1. He looks like a livestock gardian dog????Maybe?