Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Venting in reverse...

:) Yes I know I get a little ahead of myself. It's just the utter frustration of things that make me want to blow my little top. I would make a terrible tea pot... I would just boil dry then scream bloody murder and go from there.

Right now things just seem impossible. I know it's not true but... when does it end with out it ending you? If someone knows I would LOVE to hear the answer.

No new calves as of late... cows are incubating these little creatures... enough already!!! Come on 44 (you nutty little cow), Daisy... give up the calf already, MS. P we know you can milk and that you have an attitude problem... but please... some time soon ladies?! I'm not asking much... Am I? To all other moos... I'm waiting... and waiting and waiting.

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