Thursday, September 24, 2009

Customer Care...

You know there are some tech people out there who are more than helpful. I've been having problems with our internet service... sometimes it will work, other times not so much. I did EVERYTHING known to man, woman, child, beast ... you name it I tried.

Well this morning I had, had it! I called... bracing myself for the Hello of someone whom I wouldn't be able to understand clearly, who wouldn't really get it, who would wear me slick... It's always the same. The good ole automated attendant, she is always first... is this right... YES! I'm sorry I didn't get that is it yes or no? YES! dag gum it all... I'm sorry I didn't understand, could you repeat that. YES for the millionth time YES YES YES! I'm sorry, wait one moment while I redirect your call. Well praise the lord that what I wanted in the beginning.

Well today my redirected call was to Chris (I think that was his name), he was dare I say it... helpful. He understood me, I halfway understood him. He laughed, I laughed... we had a moment. :) LOL In all seriousness he was helpful. We chatted, he asked if the monsoons had started here yet. Nope... thankfully we don't have those here. He asked why I had the email address I had... I explained... he laughed and told me a story of when he started his own business. Wanting to know if I knew what incense was... and I did! Anyway I guess there was so much smoke from all the incense turn the walls black and his parents wouldn't speak to him for a month and he father beat him! LOL OK so that last part wasn't so funny, but I do declare,  I have never laughed so much... and it was only because he was laughing.

The odd thing about the whole deal was I think he wanted me to ask him for his email address or something. Now I didn't want to hurt his feelings but... well I just don't do that with a person I hardly know. Ya know?

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