Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Mondays... they should really be outlawed, don't you think? Lets take a vote! All in favor say I!

Well yesterday was a doozy. It really started out on Sunday... We ran out of feed. Sigh... I'm just not used to having the bin up and having to THINK. I'm still in the "baby bin" and filling it with the tractor mode. So that ended up making Monday start earlier than normal in having to "run" and get bagged feed for the masses so they could at least have full feed that morning. To top things off we had ran out of goat chow and had been feeding the cow ration. I do declare... the bawling of goats when they are hungry can about drive me batty! What does one pray for in that kind of situation? Patience? Lose of hearing for 45 minutes twice a day.... I don't know.

Back to Monday... after going and getting feed, feeding, and other chores. A few house chores... mom and I went to Springfield and looked at stoves again... why is it when you don't have an oven that is the only thing you want to do is bake? Cookies, bread, roast chicken, I could go on... I think me mudder has narrowed it done on what she would like... hasn't she? :)

We did some other shopping came home after the down pour that hit home and started out to evening chores later than I should have. Two cows had calved and the one from before was being a pill. So that took time... time at the time I didn't know that I was needing elsewhere. I have been watching Sparky for over 2 weeks now... I've just had the feeling about her. I never DREAMED that it would end up in a wet and muddy me, being in soaking wet muddy shoes for 6 hours, knowing I couldn't pull the calf, calling Dr.L at 8:30 that night, and ending in a C-section and not getting in until after midnight. Mom, myself, and Dr.L were all glad we got her in the barn and where there were lights to work with even though it was raining and pitch black out. This is by far the short version.

I will say this... it was amazing to watch and help. It almost makes me wish I was a vet myself. I find all that stuff so fascinating anyway. Anyway... Sparky is doing well under the circumstances. Her baby didn't make it. It was a heifer... an 85 pound all jersey beauty. I'm consoling myself in the fact that there was something not right with her neck and that if she had been alive and then died later it would have been hard to handle. Right now I don't take heartache well.

FYI: leave it to goats to make life interesting. They turned off the lights right when Dr L. was getting close to starting the incision on Sparky. It's funny now... not so much last night. :) They were mom's goat last night... no really... Viv and Vash. :)


  1. Aw, Sara, I'm sorry about the heifer. That's got to be so hard. I don't know how you farming folks handle that kind of stuff. Glad, though, that at least Sparky is doing okay.

  2. You have my heartfelt sympathy and prayers. These are such hard times for farmers that things that would normally taken in stride are simply staggering. And they just keep coming at you. I am really sorry about the loss of the heifer calf...

  3. And about that feeling something was wrong. Folks who don't have cows might think you were nuts, but I know just what you mean. I don't know if it is unconscious power of observation or pure intuition, but it happens all the time here too...you just get that niggling little feeling that you had better watch one cow or another extra closely and sure enough, you soon find out there is something up

  4. aka... Thanks and at this point one would think it hard, but for some reason I'm numb and don't feel half the things I should and the other half of the time I feel akin to Job. :)

    three c... Thanks... I was thinking about how others might not understand that "feeling". Some people just don't understand and will never understand. Oh well... some people alread think I'm nuts as it is... sometimes I think the same thing! :) Hope all is going well at your end.