Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Without even a good bye, so long, see ya later... Our milk hauler for the last... forever... quit and is now one of the few, the proud, the cream of the crop... He's dairying... *shaking my head* What is the man thinking!?! yes I know he was tired of trucking milk from here, there and yon. But is it any reason to just up and quit?! No I say, NO.

This is of course purely selfish on my part and I know it. I've just known J. since... well forever in milking terms. He was hauling our milk when his boys were just little fellers and the girls weren't much more than babies. Now there is a grand-daughter and the babies are in high school. The time has flown by at such a speed it's just amazing. Now he is dairying with his dad and brother I believe. 20 heifers... and a dream that has taken 20 years to reach. Deep down I'm happy for him, really I am. I'm just sad for me. Who is going to keep me up to-date with what's going on with the co-op, The Milkweed, all the good stuff.

I'll be OK, really I will... as long and they don't get some new guy to haul our milk. OH heaven help us if we have to break in a new guy, which always leads to another new guy. Milk haulers seem to go in pairs... Why is this?

So farewell J., maybe I'll have to break down and go to the annual meeting next Spring (eww.... that will mean getting off the farm and around other hard headed farmers... it might just take me the next 7 months to gear up for this). So I can catch up on how the girls did in up coming Fall show's. They have some fantastic Guernsey's! 

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  1. Well, darn, that is terrible. We rely so much on our haulers and when you see a guy every other day for decades you sure get to know him