Monday, September 7, 2009

A smile...

This picture makes me smile. Little Annaliese when she was indeed little (OK smaller than she is now). Today we found out we will lose the cow we have tried our best to save. Thankfully a vet came, ON a holiday and was kind. We've done our best and that is all we can do. All anyone can do. She will be missed... but since I believe in bovine heaven she'll be welcomed by those dear girls who've gone on before. If I don't stop here I'll start to cry SO on to a happy note.

We've had a new calf and it's a heifer! She is about 2 days old now, her mouth does not close until after she has been fed. And then it's the sticky,slimy little nose mouth combo trying to go up and down the back of ones leg, making the calmest person on the planet go nutz!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday. I'm going to try and make cheese, maybe. Or maybe fudge. Or neither. WHO KNOWS! :)


  1. So sorry Sara, it is so hard when you lose them.

  2. So true... I'm getting really tired of the freaky teaky ones however.